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We all know the government is home to troves of data. But here’s the thing, citizens only want the data they want and need at any given time. For example, if you are looking to renew your drivers license online, you don’t want to have to go to eight different government websites and track down all the necessary information. You want government services online to be as clear and concise as possible.

As big data continues to grow and improve decision making it government, it can also complicate the simplicity of some government services – there’s just too much data to process. So how can agencies pull data from multiple different systems together? What does all this data mean? What can I do with it once I have it? And, how can I use it to inform changes and better serve my community? At GovDelivery’s Federal Communications Summit (On Oct. 14 at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington), they’ll start answering those questions.


On tap for the summit is big data proponent Jer Thorp. Through his extremely compelling data visualization projects, from graphing an entire year’s news cycle, to mapping the way people share articles across the internet, to the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan, Thorp will demonstrate the power of humanizing the influx of information surrounding us. Thorp teaches audiences how adding meaning and narrative to huge amounts of data can help people take control of the information around them, and revolutionize the way they use data.

Also speaking at this year’s event is author and technological optimist, Abhi Nemani. Most recently, Nemani was appointed as the City of Los Angeles’ first Chief Data Officer. Previously, Nemani helped build the national non-profit Code for America (CfA), a technology organization dedicated to reinventing government for the 21st century. Nemani’s work at CfA has been featured in the New York Times,Government Technology and Forbes, and he has been featured as a speaker at SxSW, the World Bank, and various universities and conferences around the world.

Government communication and outreach is entering a new era. Are you ready? What questions would you have for the panel of experts and keynotes? Let us know in the comment section!

*If you want to learn more, or register for the event, click here.


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