2011 Federal Digital Communications Report

A new report by GovDelivery, the 2011 Federal Digital Communications Report, highlights communication trends from over 500 government organizations and half of all federal agencies that are using GovDelivery Digital Communication Management. In honor of 2011, GovDelivery listed out a “Top 11” series in a variety of different categories. You can download the report here, and the report is also found below.

There were a lot of interesting numbers in the report. The category that I found most interesting was “Top 11 Agencies with Publicly Shared Content,” which listed agencies whose content was shared through email and social media the most in 2011.

  1. US Department of Defense
  2. IRS
  3. FoodSafety.gov
  4. USA.gov
  5. US Department of Health and Human Services
  6. FEMA
  7. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  8. NOAA’s National Weather Service
  10. Veterans Health
  11. USDA Office of Communications

Other interesting stats include that the leading keywords and subject of government communications was “Health and Health Care,” at 28%. These numbers are interesting, and I will be curious to see how they change next year. Agencies are now tasked with mapping their digital communications strategy to their mission and providing content in a quick, easy to consume way for their key stakeholders. Cross-posting information and sharing content is one of many ways agencies are accomplishing that task, and throughout 2012, this is an area that will continue to grow.

How does your agency compare? Are these numbers consistent in your agency?

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