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This Saturday marks the conclusion of the Trump’s administration’s 100 days. A lot has happened, and many of those changes have impacted the status, perceptions, and legal protections of women – both inside and outside of government. But with so much happening in this 100-day sprint, you might have missed a headline here or there. Here’s your April recap of news related to women in government:

Here’s What Donald Trump Has Done for Women in His First 100 Days  This list, from Fortune, is the most level synthesis I’ve read so far about how the new administration’s policies have impacted women. Bonus: It’s a short read! This article from Huffington Post is also a good read, but longer and more biased.

The Emerging Strategy for Capitalizing on Women’s Unprecedented Interest in Politics We’ve already seen a significant uptick in women interested in running for public office. But how do we keep the momentum going? This interview explores some ideas.

Why We Need to Talk About Menstruation and Breastfeeding In some ways, talk about gender has been steadily normalizing because it’s such a hot topic in the current political climate. But in other ways, it’s becoming more difficult to talk about because there’s so much at stake and so many people scrutinizing what’s happening or said. Chelsea Clinton, however, thinks we should talk more frankly – especially about traditionally taboo topics related to women.

How to Actually Empower Women Professionally Another result of the spotlight on feminism is that there are now a multitude of theories for how best to advance women’s rights. They’re all getting airtime, but which ones are actually effectively? This author has one take that I would particularly recommend.

How to Become Insanely Well-Connected Finally, this article isn’t related to current news, but I really think it’s worth reading. Not only does it give great tips for networking but, as a colleague of mine pointed out, it builds on a lot of the skills and habits that many women already use in their personal relationships.

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