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6 Key Tools For a Remote WorkForce

In the current global situation, mobilizing a remote workforce has become a critical step for government agencies to ensure continuity of operations and the ability to deliver mission-critical services without disruption.

For remote workforce plans to succeed, agencies should look to empower employees with the right digital tools so they can work effectively from home or in the field. To help fast-track your efforts and ease staff into making the digital shift while allowing your agency to be fully operational, invest in a content services platform that offers these six low-code, configurable tools:

1. Mobile Capture

Mobile Capture provides your workforce the ability to capture, access and process content such as photos, forms, documents and signatures, and then store them on a single, centralized platform accessible on a mobile device.

2. Electronic Forms

An easy-to-use electronic form can be accessed anywhere at any time — making it an important tool for collaboration and a remote working culture.

3. Automated Workflow

Workflow is an automation engine with an electronic routing system that enables organizations to process work more efficiently. An integrated task feature further simplifies business processes through task-driven to-do lists that prioritize work and establish deadlines.

4. Web Portal

A dedicated web portal on a centralized platform enhances the way government agencies conduct business transactions and communicate with remote employees, external partners and constituents.

5. Enterprise File Share

A secure enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solution is critical for sharing documents, reports and content with sensitive information. When collaborating between a remote workforce and external agencies, an EFSS tool provides a fast and secure way to share and review content online across agencies.

6. Integration Hub

A modern content services platform can connect existing technology investments and extend their capabilities to provide a central integration hub for agencies. This means all data stays up to date without the need to re-key information.

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation calls for federal government agencies to proactively change the way they function while improving agility and productivity for the long-term. This is where an agile and scalable content services platform can provide the tools agencies needs.

This blog post is an excerpt from a partner listicle, How to Enable a Remote Workforce With 6 Digital Tools.

To learn more in-depth information on these essential tools, download the full listicle here.

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