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Learning Together | Let’s Have a Conversation

Several times in the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with colleagues looking to deepen their knowledge of social media. These individuals had a sincere desire to learn how digital engagement could add value to their work and were willing to reach out beyond their own organization to findRead… Read more »

Mobile Decisions | To App or Not to App, That is the Question

I will get some of this wrong. I am undoubtedly leaving much out. I am oversimplifying. However, as mobile development in the federal government continues to ramp up, tools to help agencies and individuals assess how (and when) to intelligently proceed are increasingly important. Recognizing that every situation is unique, an understanding of a fewRead… Read more »

In Search of the AndrewPWilson Data API

Our footprints in the digital world are deep and they extend farther than we can readily comprehend. We have been told that this information is of tremendous value to marketers and that this value will only grow as tools and services create additional data (think foursquare, GoWalla, etc.) and further the translation of this informationRead… Read more »

Public Service 2.0 with a Few Caveats

A few weeks ago, the open government virtuoso David Hale slapped a #publicservice hashtag on a tweet and it got me thinking about the evolution of Public Service. A considerable amount of reflection led me to the following thoughts on what Public Service 2.0 means to me: 360 Degree Collaboration: Good ideas come from everywhereRead… Read more »

Guest Post | Social Media & First Responder Mental Health – Your Chance to Participate

Guest blogger: Tommy Hipper is currently pursuing his Masters degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and his proposed thesis is: How social media can be utilized to improve first responder mental health. The past few years have clearly demonstrated the power and value of social media in crisis situations. The examplesRead… Read more »

Some Different Thinking around PSA Contests

PSA contests can produce some really interesting results and they can be innovative and creative in ways that the sponsoring organizations often can’t. Moreover, the user-generated messaging has the potential to resonate with target audiences much more effectively than with campaigns that are broader and more diffuse in their approach. With the recent establishment ofRead… Read more »