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10 Ways To Improve Federal Technology

While it’s good to improve government services through advances in information technology, we also need to do better with what we have, which is our own valuable IT human capital. In the Wall Street Journal today, the “health-site woes” are spurring a push for changes to federal technology, including the possibility of a “federal unitRead… Read more » – Yes, Yes, and Yes was rolled out on October 1. Since then there has been lots of bashing of the site and finger-pointing between government overseers and contractors executing it. Some have called for improvements down the line through further reform of government IT. Others have called for retribution by asking for the resignation of the HHS SecretaryRead… Read more »

The Nomination Effect

For some people they say that flattery gets you everywhere and it can be true. Who doesn’t like to hear good things about themselves and their work? It fills the WIIFM need in all of us (What’s In It For me)—by providing for recognition and seeming purpose. Some people know how to use this –howRead… Read more »

Genius Consultants–Yes or No?

A lot of people think that the McKinsey’s of this world are the business geniuses. You hire McKinsey, Bain, or The Boston Consulting Group when you need to address big organizational problems–frequently those that involve broad reorganizations, massive cutbacks, reformulation of strategy, and culture makeovers. According to Bloomberg Businessweek in a book review of TheRead… Read more »

Children, Our Future

20 Children dead today in school shooting. Completely unacceptable! We need better psychiatric screening, more treatment options, and safer schools. How can we expect children to excel, when they can’t even feel safe. Safeguard our children, protect our future. Originally posted at my blog thetotalcio. (Source Photo: here with attribution to Massimo Valiani, Source Quote:Read… Read more »

Either Way A Fiscal Cliff

Okay, so here’s the dirtly little secret… The “Fiscal Cliff” that everyone is supposedly working on to avert–is really unavoidable! Yes, the Sequestration that was put in place that eliminates the broad-based tax cuts from a decade ago and reduces spending across military and domestic government spending–can be replaced by more surgical tax increases andRead… Read more »