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Building Resiliency During the Shutdown

Young Government Leaders (YGL) and GovLoop partnered today to talk about how to stay resilient during the shutdown. Miguel Aviles, Chair of the YGL Advisory Panel, and Michelle Rosa, the YGL National Leadership Team Officer, shared the impact of the shutdown on their lives as federal employees.

5 Post-Shutdown Silver Linings for the Federal Workforce

There’s been no shortage of negativity surrounding the government shutdown and near debt default – and for good reason. The federal family and the American people were badly hurt again for partisan political purposes. This shameful development should have never occurred in America, which prides itself on being the world’s role model for democratic governanceRead… Read more »

Why I Didn’t Quit My Job During the Government Shutdown

During the 17-day Federal government shutdown my company, Corner Alliance Inc., had to make some tough decisions. Many of our employees were not able to perform work (read: make money) including myself. I worked the first week of the shutdown on internal Corner Alliance tasks, like our website and a Virtual Participation Best Practices document.Read… Read more »

Shutdown Ramifications (Part I): America & the World

While the government shutdown is over for now, the calamitous costs to America and the world linger. The most blatant financial costs have resulted from a major “sucker punch” to the gut of the fragile U.S. economy. This occurred at an inopportune time for America. Like a boxer absorbing a knock out blow, we wereRead… Read more »

3 Potential Outcomes to Fiscal Stalemate: how and when will it end?

According to the so-called “conventional wisdom” in Washington, the current fiscal impasse should end any day now. This is especially true as Thursday’s deadline fast approaches for dodging a disastrous debt default. Moreover, the American people’s anger continues to grow over the government shutdown. But what is considered to be Washington wisdom these days mayRead… Read more »

Federal Furlough 5K is tomorrow!

Attention New York area Feds! Come join us for theFederal Furlough 5K. Friday, October 4th at noon. Meet at the Alexander Hamilton Custom House in Bowling Green. No parking, take the 4/5 subway and exit at Bowling Green. Wear your red, white, and blue and lets show New York that Federal employees are regular people.Read… Read more »

Why Congress Should Be Furloughed Too

Let’s face it folks, if anyone deserves to be furloughed these days it’s obviously the U.S. Congress. The so-called “People’s House” has become a house of shame – a “Do Nothing” Congress. Our august national legislative body has turned its back on the American people for partisan political purposes and personal political self-interest. Our brokenRead… Read more »