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Do You Know How to Conduct a Symphony. . . Of Negotiation?

As I read this article ( I had to face a brutal reality. . . I’m stubborn. Now, not pointing fingers, but you probably are too! Society has engrained a “win, win, win”, “conquer, conquer, conquer” mentality in the best of us since the beginning of time. Needless to say, we all need to haveRead… Read more »

My Mother Always Told Me to Be Well Rounded: Do Employers Think the Same?

Growing up my mother made sure that I was exposed to culture, art, music, and science. I was almost as diversified as you could possibly get for being a “small-town” kid. When the time came for me to head off to college and pick a major, I followed these same adolescent teachings. Not wanting toRead… Read more »

Panel Discussion – Thriving in the Green Economy – Your Opinion Wanted Panel discussion today sponsored by Cisco with execs from Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia and several others. Discussions will address topics such as CO2 emissions and the effect on each company’s bottom line. This is quite interesting in light of the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Conference and the looming 2012 expiration of the KyotoRead… Read more »

Realism or Neo-Realism: Theory in Light of Globalization

Realism and Neo-Realism: Evaluating the Limitations in Light of Globalization Introduction “To what extent has neo-realism addressed the limitations of classical realism (if limitations there be)? Realism as a discipline in international relations was not introduced formally, as such, until World War II. However, the primary assumptions of realism were expressed by earlier writers. AccordingRead… Read more »