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Need $$$$ For School? NIGP Scholarship Program

Think you are AWESOME enough to qualify? Apply here! Academic Scholarship This program is for: 1) students enrolled in an accredited college or University degree program leading to an academic degree in the field of, or related to, purchasing/procurement, materials management, supply chain management, inventory control, specifications development, contract administration, and contract negotiations or 2)Read… Read more »

IRS Computer Glitch Got Your Refund?

If you’re one of the lucky home buyers who purchased your home in 2008 and took the First Time Home Buyers Credit (technically an interest free loan), this was the first year that you had to pay it back. More than likely, if you made your first payment to the IRS this year you filedRead… Read more »

And the Academy Award Goes to … Unions?

If you tuned into the Oscars last weekend you may have noticed a familiar theme running through acceptance speeches…”thank you UNION WORKERS”. Several acceptance speeches included a direct thank you or acknowledgement of union employees. The recent budge crisis facing many states like Wisconsin and Ohio has lead to large protests in recent weeks, asRead… Read more »

Ask The Gov Expert: Greg Rothwell (former) CPO, DHS

Well we have heard what Dr. Nick Nayak, CPO, DHS had to say at the recent GovUp! Now let’s take a look at what Mr. Greg Rothwell, (former) CPO, DHS had to tell young govies! You gave us your questions…and we asked the Gov Expert! RaffertyWeiss Media ( is a full-service creative video production company,Read… Read more »

Procurement 3.0? Yeah, There Is an App for That!

Rosslyn Unveils First Real-Time Application RA.Pid Extract Studio; Enables Business and IT Users to Automatically Extract Any Data from SAP in One-Click Complete Article Here “RA.Pid for Excel lowers the barriers to entry for mid-size companies to introduce a comprehensive spend analysis package making the job of analyzing data easier,” said Steve Bowdler, Group ProcurementRead… Read more »

Ask the Gov Expert: Dr. Nick Nayak, CPO, DHS

In case you missed the recent Gov Up at Public House in National Harbour, Young Government Leaders and Gov Loop had Dr. Nick Nayak, Chief Procurement Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security answer some of your most pressing questions on camera. A BIG THANK YOU to Rafferty Weiss Media for filming this video!  RaffertyWeissRead… Read more »

Women Bringing the “Human Element” to the Hill: (D) Speier’s Bold Move!

It is about time that a politician GETS REAL! And low and behold it was a woman that championed the “human element” on the Hill last night. As painful as it may have been, California Democrat Jackie Speier, showed the utmost courage and passion when she shared her PERSONAL STORY! “Before she took the floor,Read… Read more »

Yo Government! Why You Should Recruit in 49 Words or Less!

A recent study by the Pew Center shows some interesting facts about Twitter usage. Facts that are so interesting, they might be worth paying attention to. There has been a push recently for Open Gov and public facing interaction from the public sector. Many agencies have started to use Twitter…but are they using it inRead… Read more »