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I Went from Beauty Queen to Govie Geek: And I’m Proud Of It!

GOVIE GEEK (2010) BEAUTY QUEEN (2008) Thats right! I spent my younger years (really not all that long ago) competing for various beauty queen titles, including everything from Miss America to Miss Hawaiian Tropic. But behind all of the glitz, glitter, and butt glue(yes thats right we glue our swimsuits to our bottoms)…all I wantedRead… Read more »

The Cost of Working for the Government: My Reason Why Government Doesn’t SUCK!

Considering a job with the Government may be a tough decision, at least in the financial aspect. Nonetheless, many young, bright minds seek a position with the government. For me it has been a life long dream, but now in my mid-twenties, with student loans from undergraduate and graduate school, a child, a mortgage, aRead… Read more »

Multi-cultural Awareness: Lessons Still Learned in the Classroom

Today classrooms are becoming more diverse and present a unique challenge to teachers. Students are coming to class with a greater variance in values, cultural norms, and verbal and non-verbal communication behaviors that may be unfamiliar to some teachers. According to Nancy Longatan (2009), “[b]y raising awareness of the non-verbal communication strategies familiar to studentsRead… Read more »

Is the Networked World Killing your Contracts & Procurement: What About Innovation?

Excerpt from Tim Cummin’s Blog Impacts Of The Networked World On Contracts & Procurement The impacts of the networked world have been significant for most of the world’s population, but perhaps more so for those in the world of contracts and procurement than many others. · Emerging generations are ‘no longer capable of deep thought’Read… Read more »

No Mixing Politics and Facebook: OSC Addresses Employees and Agencies Use of Social Media

Article posted on by Brian Kalish regarding OSC’s release of a nine page document addressing employees’ and agencies’ use of social media. Be careful mixing politics and Facebook, counsel office says By Brian Kalish 08/25/2010 Federal employees could become a “friend,” a “fan” or even “like” a Facebook page a political party or candidateRead… Read more »

Speed Dating for Government?? Why Not?

I just had a great meeting with a young professional from GSA. Some of the tips and advice that each of us were able to share were absolutely exciting. There is something to be said for meeting someone face to face, and realizing that you share so many commonalities. Our discussion centered around educational background,Read… Read more »