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Lunch Encounters of the Third Kind? How Procurement Can Help!

FROM A PROFESSIONAL PROSPECTIVE I’ve recently began looking into ways that public procurement can purchase goods and services in a more sustainable way. By sustainable, I mean incorporating the social, economic, and environmental impacts that purchases can have. As I began to look into this the Farm-to-School program emerged as a perfect example of howRead… Read more »

YGL Govies Gettin Dirty for a Good Cause

GETTING DIRTY – MEET THE TEAM Four of Young Government Leaders’ members are planning on getting down and dirty next month to benefit a good cause. Trust us, by down and dirty, we’re talking junk yards, mud, slop, old tires, and raging rivers. Sound disgusting…these YGL members didn’t think so…they thought it sounded like fun!!Read… Read more »

SOS: Can Consolidation for Fiscal Efficiency Lead to Bigger Risks?

I will be brief in my plea for help on my current working project. I am making an argument in a paper that although consolidation of programs and streamlining processes might lead to fiscal efficiencies, these state and local policy efforts may also be promoting hidden fragilities and greater risks that might result in futureRead… Read more »

Energy Melt Down – Should the U.S. Review our Nuclear Regs??

The recent events in Japan, and the subsequent danger looming from a possible nuclear melt down have some U.S. lawmakers calling for a review of regulations in the U.S. This coming on the heels of 20 proposed new U.S. nuclear power plants that are awaiting approval, following a 30 year lull in new construction afterRead… Read more »