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Rush Limbaugh’s Commentary on the Imbalance of Compensation for Soldiers and Their Families

I never thought that I would find myself saying this, but Rush Limbaugh elucidates a crucial point in the commentary below. He discusses the gross disparities between compensation for our soldiers versus families of victims of the 9/11 attacks, as well as the congressmen and women who put them in harm’s way. This is aRead… Read more »

US Patent & Trademark Office: Give Them a Break

Over the past several months I have read too many disparaging articles regarding the Patent and Trademark Office, (PTO). Check out IP Watchdog and you will get the idea. PTO has been blasted on everything from their budget constraints, patent pendency, quality review and unfortunately the list goes on. What isn’t mentioned in these articlesRead… Read more »

Memorial Day Thanks

In honor of Memorial Day I’d like to thank all of those in our Armed Services that have protected our country. A particularly poignant quote that I’d like to share: “When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today” – The Kohima Epitaph

Open Source Success Through Understanding the Acquisition Process

The criticality of contractors understanding the government acquisition process is vital to their success and the widespread adoption of open source software. Government transparency, openness and sharing will be significanty facilitated through this comprehension. This concept is superbly underscored through this article by Chet Hayes. While the intricacies of the acquisition process are often complex,Read… Read more »

Thwarting Illegal Wildlife Import–A Team Effort

Congratulations to FWS, ICE and CBP for thwarting the illegal import of wildlife. Check out this article! This is a great example of our Federal government working together across government agency boundaries to achieve a commmon mission–and what an important mission it is. Stopping the illegal import of wildlife species is critical in maintaining aRead… Read more »