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Feds Feed Families is Back – Dig Deep My Fellow Govies!!!

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management is launching the third annual Feds Feed Families campaign, starting June 1 and running through August 31. This year’s goal is to collect 2 milion pounds of non-perishable goods for the nation’s food banks. I hope that everyone will join in this campaign, even our state and local comrades.Read… Read more »

Suicide Prevention:Are We Doing Enough?

Suicide Prevention:Are We Doing Enough? During ‘Viet Nam’ (year ’62 to ’74 when I retired) I had put in more than a dozen years working in the IG shop at McClellan AFB, near Sacramento. Now long deactivated, the installation had had its share of active military-tenants during its lifetime as well as an Air ForceRead… Read more »

Rush Limbaugh’s Commentary on the Imbalance of Compensation for Soldiers and Their Families

I never thought that I would find myself saying this, but Rush Limbaugh elucidates a crucial point in the commentary below. He discusses the gross disparities between compensation for our soldiers versus families of victims of the 9/11 attacks, as well as the congressmen and women who put them in harm’s way. This is aRead… Read more »