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Worldwide Cyber Attacks

The Government Security News published an article titled: “German Telecom Company Provides Real-Time map of Cyber-attacks”. If it is credible, and at this point I have no reason to doubt its credibility, it is a fascinating bit of technology. Deutsche Telekom (the folks behind T-Mobile) indicates that there are about 450,000 cyber-attacks worldwide per day.Read… Read more »

Let’s Take a Look at this Cloud Thing Again

With all the hype and hoopla about the cloud, we sometimes forget that small businesses need the same type of tools needed by the large enterprises. We need it on a much smaller scale, but we still need it. After many years in the mines of the large companies I came to realize that theyRead… Read more »

Virtualization, The Cloud and Gov 2.0

As I was reviewing documentation on virtualization activities in the government, I came across the following Video clip of Tim Oreilly of Oreilly Media interviewing Steve Herrod of VMware at the recent Gov 2.0 summit. Although the interview is at the architectual vision level, it was interesting to see what a virtualization giant such asRead… Read more »

Think Architecture, Not just Vendor Application

We move into the New Year with anticipation of doing great things with our infrastructure and improve the efficiency of our operations. Unfortunately, many have a tendency to look at the latest great thing (e.g., application, Operating System, etc…) as the magic bullet. Each vendor points to how his/her product is the “killer app” thatRead… Read more »

Creating a virtual machine from scratch is a three step process.

Creating a virtual machine from scratch is a three step process. First I ran the New Virtual Machine wizard to create a virtual machine. The NewVirtual Machine wizard guided me through the key steps for setting up a new virtual machine, helping me set the virtual hardware specifications and other parameters. A virtual machine providesRead… Read more »

You Are Not Alone: “if you live long enough, you are bound to see your old mistakes be committed by someone else”.

Earlier this week I was walking past a desk with two “techies” deep in pensive conversation and actively gesturing. Curiosity got the best of me, so I asked them “What’s up”? Well it appears that they had just deleted and reinstalled a Windows VM in their VMware Workstation host and they could no longer seeRead… Read more »