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The Chance Meeting….. Are you Ready?

Picture this. You’re going through your typical weekend to-do list. Sweats and tennis shoes in full effect as you navigate the usual’s. Grocery run; done. Walmart; check. You’re cart pushing out the store and make eye contact with…. Your boss. Yep, they shop at Walmart, wear weekend sweaters and mostly matching weekend caps. Lady FortunaRead… Read more »

Don’t Insist on a Decision

All, During my morning Harvard “Management Tip Of The Day” feed read, I ran across an article that speaks to managerial on-the-spot decision making. The article is printed, in its entirety below and attached as well. It’s pretty self explanatory. ———————————————– Conventional wisdom holds that a flawed decision is better than no decision. After all,Read… Read more »

Bloggers: Please be awesome yet considerate……

All, Let me begin by saying that I enjoy growing within this GovLoop stratosphere. The camaraderie is amazing. Fresh faces continue to sign on daily. Blog posts & discussions are always worthwhile-n-thought provoking. It’s this type of environment that has helped to motivated me to Legendary status in a New York minute. But, I doRead… Read more »

Take Your Vacation. Obama Does.

Greetings all. Question. How many times have you cancelled, postponed or shorten your vacation for the job? I’ve certainly done it. I would dare to say that any career oriented model such as yourself have done it too. Have you noticed that President Obama takes his vacation no matter what? Hmmm. I think there isRead… Read more »