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Great insights from the Massachusetts Governor’s Office on Using Social Media

When I ask those in Government what models they follow for Open Government I regularly hear Massachusetts, and the Governor’s office in particular. I reached out to the Brad Blake, Director, New Media & Online Strategy for the Governor, and he was kind enough to spend a lot of time responding to these questions. WhileRead… Read more »

My Twitter Senate Experiment: Overview

First off, I believe in the potential of the open government initiative, government 2.0, whatever you wish to call it. My goal is simple, to baseline where we are in terms of basic social engagement at one of the highest levels of our government… The Senate. Here is my approach, for better or for worse:Read… Read more »

Will politicians understand that Twitter is not for one-way social interaction?

Business leaders are often far ahead of Federal-level public officials, at least in my personal experience, in understanding the use of social media strategies, tactics, and tools. I read this post, a scorecard of sorts, of government 2.0 from a “joe-average-citizen” perspective. Good post, worth a read. Understand this, there are plenty of politically activeRead… Read more »