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Massachusetts State Treasury is getting social

I recently exchanged e-mails with Catherine Gropp who is the Assistant Director of Communications and the Social Media Coordinator at the Office of the Treasury for Massachusetts. Here are some of Catherine’s thoughts on open government (government 2.0) and on th use of collaboration strategies and technologies. Q. What are your thoughts on government 2.0,Read… Read more »

Co-creation, ideation, and other -ations at the federal government level

I had the pleasure of participating on Government 2.0 radio last night, chatting about collaboration, innovation and social media in Government ( One of the most interesting items we discussed was the Federal Agency Ideascale Dashboard (, which you should check out regardless of your interest in government 2.0 initatives. Here is why: * ThisRead… Read more »

Navigating the people-side of your support community

Businesses and agencies often realize a need to add support communities, rather internally focused for training and collaboration or externally focused for communicating with customers and potential customers. In all cases it is critical to remember the people in your company that will be impacted by this effort. Before making your business case Understand whichRead… Read more »

Keep your agency or biz real with videos

I recently viewed this video from INgage Networks and wanted to highlight it. First, the video: What I like: The company focuses first on delivering great information. It is delivered in an entertaining fashion. Kathy Saenz keeps you engaged throughout the video. Yes, it is a little wacky but it’s done at just the rightRead… Read more »

Who is the real Governator?

I apologize for the redirect but I have links and attachments on my original blog. Check it out and let me know what you think. John comes out of beta, mostly

I wrote about at the end of October and I was very impressed with the product in its beta form. If you have not yet read the post, you should. The product, as I wrote about it then, has not changed dramatically in terms of functionality. The team has focused on the underlying platformRead… Read more »

Social CRM and the Death Eaters? Lord Voldemort lives!

Couldn’t resist the title or the tie-in given the the events of my day. Someone was asking me about the SCRM Summit that is taking place and I noted that I was not invited and knew nothing of the details of the summit. The dialog took place in the warm confines of twitter, where everythingRead… Read more »

Adding transparency to the public meeting process

I have thought more about the value technology can bring to government 2.0, specifically the public meeting process that, in most towns, sees only a few people ever take part. I was chatting with someone on the GovLoop site recently, Justin Mosebach, about the meeting process, here are his thoughts. “People have busy lives. WhetherRead… Read more »

Is social the new dirty word?

I woke up in a cold sweat the other morning, memories of the early 2000s floating in my head. Remember the insanity when everyone wanted to throw the “e-” prefix in front of everything? Good thing we all learned from that lesson. Social strategies and tools are adding, and will continue to add, real valueRead… Read more »