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Curate your news with Summify

I decided to check out Summify after noting a few people in my community making use of the application. Summify is attempting to make it faster for you to find the most important news, as they note on their home page: “Summify automatically identifies the most important news stories for you across all of yourRead… Read more »

Another reminder that Government 2.0 is not just technology

I repeat myself, I know, but it is important to occasionally return to my definition of Government 2.0: “Government 2.0 is a citizen-centric philosophy and strategy that believes the best results are usually driven by partnerships between citizens and government, at all levels. It is focused entirely on achieving goals through increased efficiency, better management,Read… Read more »

Government 2.0 challenge, reducing employee turnover

Did you know that “government-wide, 24.2 percent of newly hired employees leave within a two-year time frame“? (This is based upon research from Booz Allen Hamilton). I talk to a lot of people in Government positions, primarily those focused on driving government 2.0 changes. These people are often not managers, they are simply passionate peopleRead… Read more »

Brightscope, a case for developer-friendly open government data

You may recall that I wrote a short article about BrightScope and how its use of open government data, in this case PDF files delivered on CDs on a regular basis, led to a profitable new business, generating jobs in the process. For me, profitable businesses that are generating jobs are a success. However, IRead… Read more »

Kapost: Helping you crowdsource content

I wrote about Kapost not long ago, noting that I was beginning to try out this beta application. Kapost is essentially a multi-user blogging platform where your community can come together to further to share their blog posts. It is separate from your blog but useful in that you can easily move content from KapostRead… Read more »

Open data is data that delivers results

I struck a nerve around open data, as I mentioned in my earlier article, when I stated that “XML is simply a markup language, a container for data. Is it one of the most preferred containers? Absolutely. However, open government data is not synonymous with XML. Open government data is simply government-owned data that canRead… Read more »

Need more proof that open government data is creating jobs? Look at BrightScope

Alex Howard shared a good story today about BrightScope, a San-Diego based company that “quantitatively rates 401k plans and gives participants, plan sponsors, asset managers, and advisors tools to make their plans better”. BrightScope has used government data to create a profitable business. Now, as Alex notes: “Here’s the key point about the founders’ fascinatingRead… Read more »

A productivity winner: Gist for gmail

I have been a big fan of Gist for a number of months but I have honestly struggled with fitting it into my working style. Unfortunately, many tools like Gist want you to adapt to them, not the other way around. I think, however, Gist for Gmail may finally solve this problem. Aliza Sherman alreadyRead… Read more »