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Telework and COOP: What If Your Building Goes Bye-Bye?

Telework and COOP Earlier this month I participated in a blog that asked the question; “What happens if your building is knocked out forever?”. The responses were many and interesting as they discussed the need: for relationships with real estate groups to have contingent space, relationships with distributors for replacing equipment hot sites and coldRead… Read more »

The Tele-Commuter Mindset – a series

The Distributed City Model This past weekend my wife and I visited southern Minnesota’s Bluff Country. Bluff Country really goes into Iowa and Wisconsin but I guess Minnesota came up with the name first and … well, the point is, politically defined regions and politically defined tourist areas like Bluff Country all suffer from theRead… Read more »

Telecommuting’s role in Community Evolution

Telecommuting’s role in Community Evolution After thousands of years of centralizing human activities, society now has the option to de-centralize as the concept of virtualization expands. Crowded freeways every Friday during the summer is but one indication that many want, or at least enjoy, an alternate place to visit. The number of people with vacationRead… Read more »

Pursuing the Tele-Commuter Mindset!

Are our Organizations Computerized or Virtualized? A number of months ago I approached the Minnesota American Institute of Architects to see if they would be interested in a discussion about how strategic telework would change the work environment and perhaps the cityscape itself. It was positioned as a presentation of the tools and strategies thatRead… Read more »