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Telecom, Security, Cloud and the State of California – Your chance to join the discussion

On Monday, February 10, 2014 the Public Sector Technology Exchange (PSTE) will be hosting a government and industry panel discussion on “Telecom, the Cloud, and Security” from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the CalPERS Building Auditorium located on 400 Q Street in Sacramento, California. The PSTE is an independent forum that discusses the issuesRead… Read more »

James Miller, Walter Johnson Unveil FCC Internet Speed Test Tool

The Federal Communications Commission has launched a speed test application for mobile broadband networks as part of its efforts to help consumers choose wireless providers. The app for Android smartphones works to evaluate the speed and latency of mobile broadband networks, store the information in cloud environments and provide users an overview of actual networkRead… Read more »

Why Don’t Any Big Cities Have Municipal Broadband?

I haven’t written a post in a while, but reading an interesting article in Atlantic Cities today, Why Are There No Big Cities with Municipal Broadband Networks?, I was reminded of some past posts and wanted to take the opportunity to bring some thoughts together. The largest city in the United States with its ownRead… Read more »

Where’s My Broadband?

Since 2011, federal agencies have surveyed Americans’ access to broadband on In addition to visualizations on their website, you can download shapefiles for each state. When I first searched for Macon (my CfA partner city), I saw that most of the city was covered by multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs). What surprised me wereRead… Read more »

Ohio to expand medical corridor over new ultra-fast broadband network

Ohio is pushing forward on a ten-fold boost to its broadband network speeds. In an event today that included Governor Kasich and researchers from Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, Summa Western Reserve Hospital and Case Western Reserve University officials outlined the state’s plan to become a world leader in medical research. Ohio is launching theRead… Read more »

LightSquared vs FCC: What is the right position?

An issue I’d recommend all free thinking technologists dive into is the current technological trades facing the nation over LightSquared. They are a company building a wireless network based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technologies combined with commercial satellite coverage in a way that will cover the entire united states in broadband. The goal: unleashRead… Read more »

Google joins opposition to Georgia bill limiting municipal broadband

Google is joining a coalition of companies, communities and activists encouraging Georgia state Senators to vote against a bill that would effectively limit municipal broadband in the state. The was introduced by a Republican lawmaker who claims that government networks unfairly compete with private providers. The bill SB 313 introduced by Sen. Majority Leader ChipRead… Read more »

West Virginia broadband plan moves forward after delay

The federal government has approved West Virginia’s plan to get their statewide broadband plan back on track. The $126.3 million project has been delayed since early this year with state officials and private sector contractors blaming everything from the Washington D.C. earthquake to the tsunami in Japan as reasons for the lack of progress. TheRead… Read more »