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Small Projects: How To Rock Them

Feeling like your small projects aren’t giving you the experience you need? I know where you’re coming from. It’s how “accidental” project managers like us start out. Small businesses, small projects, small teams. I’ve worked in environments like this in the past, and currently volunteer for several non-profits where this is the case. My activitiesRead… Read more »

Are You Stuck at 95% Complete?

At the weekly status meeting, things seem to be progressing well. Several team members report some of their many tasks at 95% complete. They have had other priorities and have to focus on something else for awhile, but they are almost done. The Next Week Again, things seem to be going very well. Many moreRead… Read more »

Your Customers Don’t Care

I was in a local cafe the other day working on a Kanban training course I’ll be making available sometime soon. I grabbed the usual coffee for fuel and then a sugar avalanche of a toffee bar caught my eye. And I bought it. Because I have no impulse control whatsoever. I chewed the firstRead… Read more »