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What Do You Mean “Test the Requirements”?

Guest post by Jennifer Bedell Everyone knows it is less costly to identify defects early in the project lifecycle, but how early can we go? Typically, we create a project plan that allows for testers to become involved before the actual testing phase. This gives them an opportunity to review the requirements and create testRead… Read more »

Full PRINCE2 Training Manual

Today I would like to share this with you. If you are interested in the PRINCE2 certification I suggest you check out this free manual for assistance on understanding the standard and guidance on the exam, in addition to the official PRINCE2 manual. Frank Turley put this training manual together, whom I interviewed Inside pmStudentRead… Read more »

Measurement Always Dominates Intuition

Glen Alleman made reference to “Against the gods: The remarkable story of risk” in a previous PM Student post, “How Expectations Mess Up Project Estimates. By trade I work as a PM Analyst and have an EVMS background. Measurements are a primary requirement on projects that utilize the fundamentals of EVM. Even for projects thatRead… Read more »

I Love Giving Away Project Management Books

You may remember the last contest. Here is another. I was in contact with a few more publishers towards the beginning of this month and a few books to giveaway caught my eye. One of those was a new book by Jurgen Appelo titled “Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders“. And something aboutRead… Read more »

The Status Report Puzzle

(Project Performance Management Baseline Reporting) By Randy Tangco, PMP, CSM Abstract When I gave my first project status report, I had a shock. I proudly reported that my project is all green. However, the project sponsor responded by saying, “All green? Are you selling Christmas trees or running a project?” ”What does ‘all green’ mean?”Read… Read more »