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This Idea Is Sticky

It delights me every time I discover a way that the world of knowledge available to human kind is applicable across disciplines. Granted, the book Made to Stick is intended to apply as a guideline without any particular discipline in mind, only communication and retention of ideas in general. I’m working right now to makeRead… Read more »

Govloop Project Management Week In Review

For the week ending June 23, 2012 A combination of strategy and tactics posts and discussions graced the Govloop project management community this week, click through and catch up on what you’ve missed. Remember to start new discussions yourself by asking your most pressing questions here with the tag “project management” including the quotes. GainingRead… Read more »

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Great White flashback to 1987 – Is he wearing a robe? To my wife’s dismay, this is not a post about the 80’s hair band, Great White. (Thank goodness!) This is about project communication and estimation. Mark had done his best. Being new to project teams, he tried to estimate his tasks as well asRead… Read more »

Theory X Software Project Managers

I’m going to make a very specific case today. Let’s review the Theory X / Theory Y models, knowing full well they are just models. There is no purely Theory X or Theory Y manager. Theory X Assumes project team members: are lazy by default will avoid work if they can inherently dislike work willRead… Read more »

Theory of Constraints 101

I’m a Theory of Constraints (TOC) enthusiast. I use the concepts of project and feeder buffers to different degrees in my own projects. These are from Critical Chain, which is TOC applied to project management. The techniques really help you get a grip on Parkinson’s and Student syndrome and have early warning signals when thingsRead… Read more »