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Experience in Project Management

Jose sent me a great email with some important questions about gaining experience in project management, and education: Hi Josh! I’m a huge follower of yours and really enjoy your tips. I’m sure you get this often, but I have been struggling with what the next step is. I am continuously learning, but feel IRead… Read more »

Templates For Project Management

Share This! Ah, templates. Everyone wants templates for project management. They can be great for reference. But watch out. I received this question in an email from Sudhir: Also appreciate if I could get some samples of Requirement Traceability Matrix, Requirements specification, Risk Register, Stakeholder Register, Progress Report, Status Report etc I know about theseRead… Read more »

Pass The PMP Exam Fast And Easy!

Gotcha! (Bait and switch, I know. But it’s for your own good. Stay with me.) I know some people believe that certifications like the PMP are just something to get through as fast as you can, as easily as possible. Many people drift through college too, taking the easy classes and doing the bare minimumRead… Read more »

How To Assure Project Failure

Today I fancy a look at the wonderful world of project failure. Care to join in? Long And Boring Please Create a project management plan with the goal of being long enough that no one will ever read it. Do this with the rest of your project documentation as well. What the heck, start keepingRead… Read more »

An Example Of Great Networking

Yesterday in Why You Suck At Networking I focused on some bad examples of attempts at networking. Here’s a good one. Yavor has been in the pmStudent community for a long time now, and has interacted with me consistently over time. He has offered helpful feedback to me and advice for how I can improveRead… Read more »