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Fantasy Policy League: How to Connect the Data with the Passion

It’s late Monday evening, so I’m focusing on what many government innovation professionals and millions of Americans alike are sweating over – Fantasy Football statistics and trash talking with colleagues on Twitter. Tonight Matt Miszewski was the pilgrim who walked into this unholy land, he being a Packers fan, and me needing the Bears’ JayRead… Read more »

McChrystal, Guns and Rock n’ Roll: A Cautionary Tale of Off-the-Cuff and On-the-Record

When your mission is on the line there is no such thing as “off-the-record,” and “deep background” can be nothing more than a description of the harmonies on a Beach Boys album. If you want to play with leaks and don’t think you’ll get wet, hand in your gold stars and go to plumbing school.Read… Read more »

Heralding “Crisis Management 2.0” at CrisisCamp DC May Lead to Actual Crisis

According to ever accurate Wikipedia, Crisis Management is: “…the process by which an organization deals with any major unpredictable event that threatens to harm the organization, its stakeholders, or the general public. Three elements are common to most definitions of crisis: (a) a threat to the organization, (b) the element of surprise, and (c) aRead… Read more »

Government 2.0, Social Media and the New Stockholm Syndrome

Everything old is new again, and with innovative technological advances granting the public greater access to government, businesses and the community, the rules of traditional social psychology still apply. As users tap into a new era of transparency and direct dialogue, it is important to consider that more access does not always lead to empowermentRead… Read more »

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss? – Gatekeepers in Gov 2.0

For as long as elected officials have had one set of ears to listen to thousands if not millions of constituents and interests, there have been gatekeepers – the legislative staffs and lobbyists. One of the goals we can gather from Government 2.0, e-Democracy – or ‘just the way things are these days’ as IRead… Read more »

Applying Health 2.0 Lessons to the Constituent/Representative Relationship

Provisions in the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the economic stimulus package signed by President Obama Feb. 17, include 19.2 billion dollars in incentive funds for physicians to abandon piecemeal paper-based health records for an electronic systems that will allow for greater efficiency and more indepth data collection for the diagnosis andRead… Read more »