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Where in the World Do Your Wear Your ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt?

ClearedJobs.Net is launching its annual “Where in the world do you wear your ClearedJobs.Net T?” event to celebrate the end of a highly successful Cleared Job Fair season as well as to support and encourage its security cleared job seeking community during what can often be a challenging job market given the summer period. TheRead… Read more »

This Week’s Edition of Inside the Net – New Seminars, New Videos, Live Event Video Feeds and Job Seekers Questions

New Patra Frame seminars In addition to our live coverage of the June 4 Cleared Job Fair, the event will also offer two informative, new seminars developed and being presented by human resources professional Patra Frame: “Success to Success” Focuses on professionals’ successes during their career and build upon this in their resumes, interviews andRead… Read more »

ClearedJobs.Net Extends Military Spouse Appreciation Effort

ClearedJobs.Net’s effort to publicly recognize military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day has since evolved from a one-day act of outreach into an ongoing effort well beyond May 8, 2009. The objective behind the original military spouse outreach effort was to highlight the commitment and dedication of military spouses who often must endure months apartRead… Read more »

Updated Blog Post – Outside the Net

My apologies to all for not bringing you the complete post to the Outside the Net blog post. Outside the Net is a weekly feautre on Inside the Net where I highlight activites that are going on around town and off the Net. Outside the Net … around-town activities for Memorial Day Weekend 2009 OneRead… Read more »

Train of Pain – Day 2

The Train of Pain – a group of cyclists who are current and former military folks- are on Day 2 of their annual ride. The week long ride is the brainchild of Carter Goodnough and Kevin OBrien. Carter is the Director of Sales of ClearedJobs.Net. If you are into cycling or beautiful scenery of theRead… Read more »