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10 Reasons Not To Miss “The Interview”

Weekends are for movies and if you don’t know what to watch the next time you power up Netflix on your Roku, I would highly recommend “The Interview.” Unfortunately the marketing of this movie was so bad that they almost totally ruined my interest in it. But I should have known that if Seth RogenRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: What’s Your Favorite Movie With A Leadership Theme?

This week, the Washington Post’s Federal Coach, Tom Fox (who also happens to be a GovLoop member!) touched on a great question in his Wednesday column: the most inspiring leadership-themed movies of all time. He writes: There are many ways for federal managers to absorb the lessons of leadership—training courses, management books, advice columns likeRead… Read more »

OpenSF: Film Commission Opens Data Trove to App Developers

San Francisco’s always been a special place for movie buffs. And now the City’s Film Commission is opening up its treasure trove of historical information to application developers. As part of the City’s signature “open data” initiative, the commission this week posted information on more than 800 San Francisco locations used in movie shoots fromRead… Read more »

Rallying the Troops… Where’s the General? Where is Maximus?

For the longest time, one quote from the movie “Gladiator” keeps coming back to me again and again. But until recently I haven’t figured how it applies in todays environment. The quote is this, “Today I saw a slave become more powerfulthan the emperor of Rome. The gods have spared me? I am at theirRead… Read more »

Updated Blog Post – Outside the Net

My apologies to all for not bringing you the complete post to the Outside the Net blog post. Outside the Net is a weekly feautre on Inside the Net where I highlight activites that are going on around town and off the Net. Outside the Net … around-town activities for Memorial Day Weekend 2009 OneRead… Read more »