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Millennials Seeking New Routes to Governance

You’re invited to delve deeper with millennial leadership! Get ready… Motivation, Accountability, Setting Goals and Achieving them are all skillsets Millennials retain – however, it is an ever-evolving process, being that common misconceptions tend to plague the Millennial generation such as, entitlement, overconfidence, and narcissistic behaviors. It is important to dispel those fallacies, and the leadershipRead… Read more »

Networking to Build Coalitions

Do you have anyone in your life that will speak the truth to you? I’m speaking of unfiltered, unadulterated facts…Well NextGen speaker, Mary Abbajay of the Career Stone Group experienced a dose of “truth serum” when her sister explained, “ No one offers you anything because you’re not nice.” This pivotal moment became the startingRead… Read more »

Customer Service Design Thinking

To improve how government delivers customer service, agencies must understand how customer experiences work, how expectations are set and met, and how experiences are perceived and remembered. During the NextGen design thinking workshop, Molly Moran, Executive Secretariat’s Research and Design Center, State Department explained how the foundations for how meaningful and valuable experiences are defined,Read… Read more »