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What’s Your Game?

Troy Mathis knows how to talk. And he speaks in a way that makes you want to listen. His session -Make It Matter: Personal Professional Branding, at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit was high-energy, engaging, and inspiring. After listening to his presentation and going through the steps, I’ve come away with the realizationRead… Read more »

Millennials Seeking New Routes to Governance

You’re invited to delve deeper with millennial leadership! Get ready… Motivation, Accountability, Setting Goals and Achieving them are all skillsets Millennials retain – however, it is an ever-evolving process, being that common misconceptions tend to plague the Millennial generation such as, entitlement, overconfidence, and narcissistic behaviors. It is important to dispel those fallacies, and the leadershipRead… Read more »

6 Tips for Effective Meeting Management

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting that lacked clear direction and purpose? Perhaps it went on and on with nothing accomplished other than the need to schedule yet another meeting? Or, worst of all, did the participants do more talking over each other than collaborating and partnering in order to achieve a commonRead… Read more »

Powered by Passion: How to Build Your Dream Career

Frank DiGiammarino is a man of many questions — a fact that quickly became evident within the first few minutes of his presentation. He posted a detailed list of career-related questions in front of the packed Next Generation of Government Training Summit audience gathered to hear his insights on career management. But there was oneRead… Read more »

The Value of Volunteering

“Be servants of peace. Weep with those who are sorrowful, rejoice with those who are joyful, teach those who are ignorant. Care for those who are sick. Serve your families. Serve your neighbors. Serve your cities. Serve the poor. Join others who serve. Serve, serve, serve! That’s the challenge. For in the end, it willRead… Read more »

SharePoint: 5 Things You Should Know

When I walked into a breakout session titled “SharePoint: Best Practices,” at the 2015 Next Generation of Government Summit, I’m pretty sure I was the only person in the room who had no idea what SharePoint even was. But the Department of Defense’s Gary Cage and Christine Frost, alongside the FDIC’s Russell Maltempo gave meRead… Read more »

Protecting Yourself from Cyber Crime

Perhaps you or somebody you know was a victim of one of the security breaches at the Office of Personnel Management. After all, 21 million people were affected by having their personal records stolen or compromised. The incident was one of the central topics at the breakout session titled “Cybersecurity Best Practices: Have Good CyberRead… Read more »

Memos, Meetings, and Memes: Communicate ALL THE WAYS

When was the last time you savored every word in a five paragraph-long email? Or managed to endure an hour-long meeting without zoning out at least three times? Just because your answers were “never” to both of those questions doesn’t mean you have an abnormally poor attention span; it means that there is a disconnectRead… Read more »