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H R Clinton Discusses New Media Tools::Town Hall @ State Dept

Feb 4, noonish, while audience tummies rumbled, Secretary of State Clinton spoke about using new media, social networking sites, emerging technolgies and collaborative processes at Department of State and throughout government.HR Clinton Town Hall Blog 2.4.2009

New York Times 2.5.2009 Two minutes of the hour + meeting became the entire focus of this article.

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L P O'Neil

It was broadcast by live video to many outlying annexes of the Department. The live blogging covered the globe. If you go to http://www.state.gov and look around — sorry I didn’t have access to the State Dept’s iNet search function for the last couple of days because of an anti-virus patch that inhibited our access to our own intranet enterprise search engine, but that’s another story — under HR Clinton Town Hall February 4 (or similar title), you should be able to find the transcript. She took questions from people at two microphones and the live blog, rotating questions among the three sources and tying together questions when they were related. She came out positively for MANY new media technologies! There will also soon be a Secretary of State’s Blog facing the public. My eDIplomacy office mates are building it as we speak. I hope you will participate! As you may know, State has been using new media for many years now. Check out Wikipedia’s pages about eDiplomacy and Diplopedia for more information. Thanks for your interest!