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Anatomy of Book Content: Focus on Back Matter — Print and eBooks

ANATOMY OF BOOK CONTENT: FOCUS ON BACK MATTER –Print and eBooks With the formatting of eBooks, many back cover elements are missing when compared to traditional print paperback and hardcover books with jackets. . Some of these areas include jacket copy where a publisher would provide a description “About the Author” to establish the personRead… Read more »

Anatomy of Book Content: Focus on Body Matter

Anatomy of Book Content: Focus on Body Matter Commercial publishers view the “Body Matter” portion of book content as the “guts” or “meat” of the book content. The body matter content consists of the sections and chapters of your book. For consumer trade nonfiction books that appeal to a general audience, the overall page countRead… Read more »

ANATOMY OF BOOK CONTENT: Focus on Front Matter

Having served 14+ years in the commercial publishing industry and now 9+ years at the GPO Sales Program (Publication & Information Sales division), I have seen thousands of titles in different genres cross my desk (Good thing, I really like to read!) With this blog post, I showcase the essential components of the anatomy ofRead… Read more »

Thinking about publishing a print or eBook — some points to consider

Majority of my experience in the publishing industry since 1990 has been in the commercial publishing arena — large publishers as Simon & Schuster-Prentice Hall, to mid-size Government/Political Science college text and reference publisher —CQ Press to the small, specialized publisher with a growing illustrated children’s books imprint — American Psychological Association and since 2005Read… Read more »