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Anatomy of Book Content: Focus on Back Matter — Print and eBooks

ANATOMY OF BOOK CONTENT: FOCUS ON BACK MATTER –Print and eBooks With the formatting of eBooks, many back cover elements are missing when compared to traditional print paperback and hardcover books with jackets. . Some of these areas include jacket copy where a publisher would provide a description “About the Author” to establish the personRead… Read more »

How to Give Back

As we’ve launched the AwesomeGov fund, I’ve started thinking the best way GovLoop could give back. There are some clear options where one way is to give money… The other is to give time. Usually pick one or the other..I think we should do both. What do you think? How do you give back? Favorite

Donate Clothing to Local Veterans in Need

Happy Holidays to All of You!!!! And now a favor to ask… I work at a Veterans Affairs hospital here in Pittsburgh and was talking to some of the veteran patients today. Many of them, especially in our homeless rehab programs, come in with very little clothing and some have extended stays in the hospital.Read… Read more »