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Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Legal & Compliance

We’re back with Challenge #4 after our fireworks filled weekend. Today’s mobile gov discussion is about compliance and legal issues. Mobile projects–like everything we do–need to comply with federal laws and regulations like terms of service, records management, accessibility, executive orders, COPPA, endorsement, intellectual property, etc. These rules are not new. What is new isRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Mobile Platforms

Today’s mobile gov challenge is the number one question agencies ask: “Which mobile platform?” Is it best to reconfigure a website to make it “mobile friendly?” Or to make a specific mobile website? Or a mobile web app? Or a native app? Agencies are trying to make the best decisions they can in a veryRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Mobile Technical Expertise

Mobile isn’t just a mini-website. So begins the discussion on a challenge that all agencies have named, finding mobile technical expertise. Mobile devices are small. Their operating systems are new and frequently changing. Federal agencies need to tap pioneering technical experts to create usable and useful mobile solutions for the public. And, we need toRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Mobile Budget

Day two of the Making Mobile Gov challenges rollout is about the mobile budget. Mobile projects–like all projects–are subject to available budget. Efforts can be delayed, cut-back or stopped without proper funding. It’s an even bigger challenge since mobile efforts are new and government budget cycles are long. Mobile costs can include data cleanup, mobileRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Mobile Strategy

Time to hear from you on Making Mobile Gov. We are kicking off the discussion of challenges to Mobile Gov talking about strategy. Sound strategy is a necessity for agencies to create efficient, innovative, expectation meeting, transparent, citizen-facing mobile products. The agencies we talked to have experienced different challenges–and we want to surface your experiences,Read… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Let’s Talk About It

Mobile technology is changing the way people find and use information and services. How does government interact with the public in this anytime, anywhere world? To help answer this question, we’re launching the Making Mobile Gov Project. The idea is to help agencies work together to make a more open, innovative government to meet 21stRead… Read more »