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Trends on Tuesdays: Teens

Hot of the press data on teens and communicating from Pew Internet and American Life Project. How do teens communicate? 63% use text to communicate with others every day 39% make and receive voice calls on their mobile phones every day 35% socialize with others in person outside of school on a daily basis 29%Read… Read more »

Wikithon Rap

Answering that age-old question, “What is a Wikithon?” Who says government can’t be fun? This past Wednesday, celebrating Leap Year, a score of people drank coffee, talked about and mobile, built and vastly improved pages like those about the Open 311 standard, GPS and data and mobile. Come see for yourself at the nextRead… Read more »

NASA Visualization Explorer App

NASA released the Visualization Explorer App to allow users to receive weekly cutting edge stories and video about NASA’s fleet of research spacecraft via tablet. Visualization Explorer is one of a number of mobile products that were implemented as part of NASA’s mobile strategy. This app, which is available only on the iPad, allows: ThisRead… Read more »

Trends on Tuesdays: App Attack!

Agencies can look at what people are currently doing on mobile to help with their own mobile services investment decisions. comScore released their 2012 Mobile Future in Focus Reportwith data on popular apps. A few ideas to take away. People like to be entertained. On both platforms games and video watching are popular. People areRead… Read more »

Leap Year Wikithon 2/29!

You can leap into citizen-facing mobile strategies and other topics at our “Leap Year” Wikithon on Wednesday, February 29th from 3-5 in D.C.! Wikithons are gatherings of Mobile Gov professionals to create and develop content for the Mobile Gov Wiki and discuss various mobile practices. The wikithon theme this time will be DATA and weRead… Read more »

Trends on Tuesdays: Smartphones, Age & Income

According to Mashable and a new study by Nielsen: Smartphone penetration among young people in the lowest income bracket is higher than it is among older people in the wealthiest bracket. Among 18- to 24-year-olds, more than half of respondents who make less than $15,000 each year said they own a smartphone….Making less than $15,000Read… Read more »

QuitStart App: Apps Gallery’s 100th Entry!

QuitStart was created by the National Cancer Instituteto help people stop smoking. QuitStart provides help with tracking smoking cravings and moods and monitoring progress toward achieving smokefree milestones. Quitstart is available for iOS devices and NCI describes it as: QuitSTART is a free smartphone app that can help you track your cravings and moods, monitorRead… Read more »

Mobile Gov Wikithon #4 Recap

The “Bring a Friend” Mobile Gov Wikithon held last week was an overwhelming success! Attendees in Bethesda, MD, Washington, D.C. and those online discussed mHealth initiatives, consuensus mobile good practices and created content for the Mobile Gov Wiki. You can see everything that was done during the Wikithon at this link. Thanks for the attendeesRead… Read more »

Trends on Tuesday: App Economy

Apps development is becoming an economic force. According to a new study published by TechNet, an industry group, mobile app development is creating jobs. The study found that there were about 466,000 jobs in the “App Economy” in the United States, up from zero in 2007. Top U.S. Metro Areas With Highest Percentage of AppRead… Read more »