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Training Resource to Hurdle the Tech Expertise Challenge

Agencies Mobile Gov efforts need the right technical expertise to build useful products for the public. Makes sense that agencies might think about training to build some in-house tech expertise. [ht to Sam Bronson] Stanford University–you know that school/high tech incubator on the West Coast–has rolled out a free version of it’s web app developmentRead… Read more »

The White House App

For people interested in President Barack Obama’s activities, the White House developed an app to give users the latest news and stories from the Obama Administration. The White House app provides users with blog posts and news along with live video streaming of White House events with President Obama. The White House app is availableRead… Read more »

Trends on Tuesday: Growth of Mobile Traffic

In 2008, 1% of the traffic to Facebook came from mobile devices. Today–three short years later–one in three visitors are coming from a mobile device. Twitter has doubled their mix from mobile in two years. KPCB Internet Trends, Meeker’s Web 2.0 presentation, Oct. 2011 What About .gov? Take a look at your web traffic andRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov Wikthon #1 Recap

What do you think would happen when you ask mobile gov innovators to pile into a coffeeshop with their laptops (and tablets) to share their smarts for the good of helping other agencies make gov available to citizens any time and any where? Well, we did just that. In late October, a handful of goviesRead… Read more »

Trends on Tuesday: What Apps do People Download?

Another great mobile study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project focusing on apps. For today’s Trends post, we are looking at what types of apps people download. Apps serve many functions, from communication to information gathering, productivity and entertainment. The current survey asked app downloaders if they had ever downloaded apps for anyRead… Read more »

Trends on Tuesday: Mobile Users Engaged and On the Go

New data from comScore shows that not only are people checking their social networks (like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) from their phones, but they are actively engaging. In addition to reading posts, people are using their phones to add their own updates, post links and follow links to other content. Mobile Social Networking Activities 3Read… Read more »

Small Business Administration and Department of Labor Mobile Challenges

One way government can produce mobile products is through contests like those on We wanted to highlight two agency mobile challenges: First, the Small Business Administration launched the Apps for Entrepreneurs challenge this week. The SBA wants better tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses to navigate the Federal government’s programs, services, and procurement opportunities.Read… Read more »

US Army News & Information App

.The U.S. Army’s News & Information App allows users to access news and information regarding the U.S. Army including news articles from and facts about the U.S. Army. In addition to news and information, users also have access to thousands of images from Army Flickr, Soldier Magazine Issues, Podcasts, games and much more. TheRead… Read more »

Trends On Tuesday: Most Internet Access Via Mobile by 2015

New predictions released by International Data Corporation (IDC). By 2015, more U.S. Internet users will access the Internet through mobile devices than through PCs or other wireline devices. As smartphones begin to outsell simpler feature phones, and as media tablet sales explode, the number of mobile Internet users will grow by a compound annual growthRead… Read more »