Federal Coach: Sharing Best Practices Across An Agency

Oftentimes federal workgroups innovate and/or develop best practices, but we do not share across systems. How do high-performing government agencies or private sector companies spread best practices to ensure integration? – Supervisor (GS-15), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Anyone who’s worked in a large organization can tell you how it is difficult to spread best practices effectively across organizational stovepipes. However, regardless of your agency’s size, geographic diffusion or IT systems, there are a number of strategies for how to best share information successfully.

The most high-performing organizations I’ve worked in or witnessed develop best practices as a result of their senior leaders setting clear expectations that employees should be sharing their knowledge across their agency.

While online tools are useful, the most effective way to share information is still through face-to-face contact, and our federal government has a number of avenues to help connect you with colleagues.

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