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Starting with the Basics: Making the Perfect E-learning Experience

When it boils down to it, a good e-learning experience is actually all about the user experience. User experience is shaped by two variables: target audience and agency goal. Before you start designing a training, consider who your target audience is and what your learning objectives are. The answers to these questions will provide theRead… Read more »

How to Design Rock Star Online Learning Courses

At some point everyone has to take a training course. New hire training, new technology trainings, new information – the list goes-on. But unfortunately most of the training that exists is extremely boring. And that means fewer people complete the trainings or properly retain the important knowledge therein. So how do you make your courseRead… Read more »

Flipping the Classroom Upside Down

In school, we all had classes where the teachers would stand at the front of the room and lecture on material for an hour. And we all had classes where we wanted to fall asleep. Luckily there is a new, different approach to this traditional learning tactic: it’s flipping the classroom upside down. The premiseRead… Read more »