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Modern IT Portfolio Management: Why the need for a business model?

This morning I started R&D for on developing business models for the Modern IT Portfolio Management Practice. Why Business Models for the practice one would ask? A answer is simpler and more complex than one would think. Over the past several decades I’ve continually been throw or volunteered to drive IT Economic methods in variousRead… Read more »

Windows 8 UI/UX and other service delivery issues

Had Windows 8 support reach out to me on Saturday to fix Windows App store issues. After about an hour of the support rep. remotely managing my system, he escalated to level 2. They scheduled a call for between 2-5 same day. However, no reply call came. I expect they are pouring over the severalRead… Read more »

Structure in Three: Governance

This week’s research agenda continues on governance and the interfaces of controls with decisions processes for portfolio management. The further I dive into COBIT 5 the more I like the taxonomy and structure. While there are gaps, these are explicitly called out in the management guide where research is needed. Which is interesting as thoseRead… Read more »

Moderm IT Portfolio Management Workshop

Reaching the end of putting together first of several Modern IT Portfolio Workshops. Will bench check next week . Have a fairly good assessment of major competitive Frameworks from Microsoft, IBM, etc. As expected each these looks at Portfolio Management as a Zero Sum Gain stack ranking algorithm in isolation. However, that was the goalRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes: Capabilitiy Models

Most of yesterday was dedicated to continuing to fix my wife’s IPhone contacts and syncing with desktop. By 10pm I had finally reloaded a restored copy of her contacts to both laptop and phone. Later today its back to AppleCare to restore her apps. Apple is still suggesting using ICloud to sync multiple devices, butRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes: Strategy, Resource, and Structure

Throughout most of the business world discussing projects and enterprises always seems to rely on the trinity of People, Process and Technology. However, I see two of these items as part of one class resources and another important attribute “structure”. Structure as of late seems to be on many of the business management schools andRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes: Modern IT Portfolio Management – Establishing a Portfolio: Step One

While the typical rational for Portfolio Management is closely associated with finance. I think because that is the easiest domain to track; the finance concept has a developed measurement system. Other intangible goals are harder to track as these don’t have well established metrics. There are not well published and accepted coordinate systems for risk,Read… Read more »

Projects Past

As part of my office relocation project this month I’m reviewing, purging and scanning materials from my project archive. Today I scanned a few of my 1980s projects at Rockwell International and Lockheed. It’s amazing all the advanced R&D these companies gave me to do: Building a PDM for the B1-B program, Developing and implementingRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes: Portfolio Management R&D

Not much progress to report on the Candlestick Charting application methods, but I have started to rough out the methodology in a PowerPoint deck. I started thinking “Seems like I’ve been here before”. Then as I was going through my achieve, there it was my notes, diagrams, spreadsheets, and presentations on applying portfolio management toRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes: Portfolio Management

This week while I doing my research on Candlestick Charting, I started reviewing the various IT Applications of Portfolio Management I’ve seen the past decade. The current state of practice continues to be a simple prioritization of initiatives by category attributes and pro forma ROI. That is to say one collects a list of projects,Read… Read more »