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Structure in Threes: Modern IT Portfolio Management

This morning I’ll tackle the rest of my wiring closet, then local phone company to come by to determine why primary line is continually business which is what kicked off relocating and revising wiring closet. In the meantime, I’m back to researching using Candlestick Charting as a means for the Modern IT Portfolio Management conceptsRead… Read more »

Marketing and Sales: Harsh Realities

There is a huge assortment books on the market about marketing and sales. So much so that the category needed to be divided into two. While closely related there are harsh differences. When I initially joined IBM, it was known for its service orientation and its marketing organization. In hindsight, it was really its salesRead… Read more »

Structure Wiring System

Spend entire day tracing cabling throughout the house and out-buildings. Main Panel is now labeled nicely; expect three cables. Tomorrow I’ll move the modem, router, switch, and three servers from secondary wiring closet to main utility room. Then add a secondary Linksys wireless router to the secondary closet and cascade it to the main router.Read… Read more »

Structure in Threes: A Question of Value

There are a lot of IT Vendors throwing around the term “Business Value“. So much so I think the term is losing its value. The trouble is that almost everyone is trying to justify to the widest customer base some form of rationalization as to why their product or service is worth procuring. Typically, inRead… Read more »

Old Projects and memories

During my office relocation project I’ve started sorting, purging and scanning files from my archive. As I look back I’ve been on or lead lots of interesting projects. I’ve been fortunate to have the trust of many brilliant mentors and executives, such that they gave me projects to challenge me or I was too foolishRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes: One Enterprise’s Capability is another’s Function

Spent a portion of yesterday going through my project archive (two four drawer lateral file cabinets). Mostly to clear out duplicated or outdated materials, but some was information mining for the book. Typically on engagements I spend a fair amount of time to understand clients mental models, language and corporate culture with the objective toRead… Read more »

Overdue Thank You(s)

A little out of my typical technical only post theme. Amazon delivered two books today I purchased with gift cards from my former second line manager at Microsoft, Yoav Intrator: Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet Ten Types of Innovation, Pikkel, Quinn & Walters Topics I really care about, should be interesting reads this weekend. I wasRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes –Research: Architecture and Modeling

Started going through my “paper” verses electronic archive (Plan on eventually scanning my paper archive one of these days) for materials around Architecture and Modeling. Came across emails between John Zachman, Gil Laware, Jim McGee, John Sowa, Jerry Weinberg and other brilliant minds at IBM that would give me the time of day to discussRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes – Resources

This morning got a email from a colleague asking about capacity planning which is not exactly the Candlestick Charting Applied R&D I had scheduled for today, but he has an active engagement I’m helping him on as I have cycles to spare during my search for a new role. It seems the more things changeRead… Read more »

Structure in Threes –Modern IT Portfolio Management: Research

Spent today on a variety of tasks; home and career. Finished pressure washing back porch, put final coat on souvenir cup rack I built on Sunday, and started brainstorming how I could apply Candlestick Charting to managing Business and IT Portfolios. I reason that if you can follow trends in the market, a similar setRead… Read more »