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California Demographic Profiles

The California State Library just launched a new online resource, – California Demographic Profiles: By Library Jurisdiction and County. It is a great tool to help facilitate a greater understanding of how California’s changing demographics can be used to inform decisions and services. Take a look!

Digital Literacy

My newest project is concerning the roles libraries can play in digital literacy. I would be interested in hearing from librarians who incorporated digital literacy efforts into programs and workshops. It seems to me that digital literacy projects would be great candidates for cross-agency and cross-level of goverment projects.

Things that keep me up at night — wikis and databases

I’m faced with two projects that are both fun and a bit frustrating at the same time. The first is looking for any guidelines agencies may have concerning guidelines for editing wiki entries about their agencies on non-governmental wikis such as Wikipedia. I regularly review our entry on Wikipedia, make minor corrections, and also workRead… Read more »