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Today’s Hottest Big Data Technology – Already Obsolete?

Database guru and 2014 Turing Award winner Dr. Michael Stonebraker is not a big fan of MapReduce. Or so we can readily surmise, based on some of the comments he made (together with co-author David DeWitt, another highly acclaimed database researcher) in a blog post in early 2008. He and DeWitt called Mapreduce a “giantRead… Read more »

Why Government Agencies Use Private Cell Phone Number Databases?

As a database administrator, I have been working on various non-profit and for-profit projects in the past couple years. Recently, I have been managing a database for a reverse phone lookup company that helps discover the identities behind certain hard-to-find phone numbers, including unpublished mobile numbers. What I have noticed is that there are manyRead… Read more »

Webinar: Gov 2.0 Apps In Action

Join CivSource and Caspio for a free webinar to learn how the latest cloud-based technologies are enabling state and local agencies to publish databases and deploy interactive web applications on their websites without programming. Topics to be covered: * How cloud technology is used for a variety of Gov 2.0, open government, and e-gov apps.Read… Read more »

CivSource: Gov apps get boost with cloud-based data publishing tool

A Florida health agency and a Texas-based Community College are both utilizing a simple and cost effective cloud-based solution to help them expand services, increase performance and better serve their constituents. Opening access to information, while reducing response time and personnel overhead, sits at the core of both their strategies.

Things that keep me up at night — wikis and databases

I’m faced with two projects that are both fun and a bit frustrating at the same time. The first is looking for any guidelines agencies may have concerning guidelines for editing wiki entries about their agencies on non-governmental wikis such as Wikipedia. I regularly review our entry on Wikipedia, make minor corrections, and also workRead… Read more »