Back to School with Graduate School USA: Who Says School Can’t Be Fun?

The Back to School with Graduate School USA series is supported by the Graduate School USA.

Let’s face it, we all learn best when we are having fun, right? I have found that the more interesting the topic of study, the more I excited I get about learning. For our next installment of the Back to School with Graduate School USA series, let’s have some fun:

Graduate School USA offers night and weekend classes in an array of subject areas and topics, but you can also sign up for classes that will allow you to:

-Play in the Dirt! Attention all gardeners (or future gardeners)! Interested in learning more about horticulture? How about a class that explores the basic principles of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. Explore Graduate School USA’s horticulture department and you will learn about botany, taxonomy, plant pathology, soils, and gardening techniques!

-Release Your Inner Creative Genius: Dream of being a photographer? If you have a creative side or want to learn more about the creative arts, Graduate School USA has all the courses you could ever want. They will teach you everything from the design process, to making a portfolio, and even wedding photography. You can also enroll in classes devoted to each element of the Adobe Creative Suite.

-Be the Next Bill Nye: Gain a vast knowledge of the world around us with courses dedicated to natural science. Classes include Ecology, Geology, Oceanography, Environmental Science, Weather and Climate, and more.

-Be the Best Bird Watcher: How many times per second do humming birds flap their wings? Have an interest in bird watching or birds of pray? Graduate School USA offers a ton of courses on bird life. Where else can you take a class solely focussed on owls and butterflies?

No one ever said learning couldn’t be fun! Wherever your interests lie, Graduate School USA has a class for you.

Graduate School USA offers great evening & weekend classes starting September 19th. Find the full listing of courses offered at Graduate School USA and check out the catalogue for course descriptions and certification information.

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