FCC Goes Social

If you haven’t already, check out the FCC’s new blog – blogband – developed to keep Americans apprised of the National Broadband Plan due February 17, 2010. Chairman Julius Genachowski crafts the first post with the FCC’s reasons for launching the blog: “like our unprecedented two-dozen public workshops and the upcoming fall public hearings, BlogbandRead… Read more »

GovLoop Project of Week: The BIG Experience

‘The BIG Experience’ is a weekly radio broadcast sponsored by Blacks in Government (BIG) that airs every Thursday at 11a ET. The show is designed to address a variety of issues that affect government employees at the Federal, state and local levels and to inform the overall community of scheduled events with the African-American andRead… Read more »

How to Build a Bigger and Better Referral Business

Commit to Your Clients Committing to your clients shows them that they are #1. Assure them that their needs are paramount. This will take care of the majority of the referral work. Explain Your Business Explain to your clients what your business entails. Let them know that you are own a referral-based business, and thatRead… Read more »

Survive and Thrive: Adjust Pricing

Pricing adjustment is key to having a successful sale in a recession. It is a best practice to continuously monitor your prices of goods and/or services in your industry. Competitive Pricing The first step in competitive pricing is to check your competitors’ prices in person or online. If you cannot beat your competitor, offer somethingRead… Read more »

Member of Week: Lovisa Williams, Department of State

LOVISA WILLIAMS: GOVLOOP MEMBER OF THE WEEK (and general rockstar) By Andy Krzmarzick Few people in the Government 2.0 space are focusing on the international aspects of social media, such as what we can learn from other countries that are implementing and how it can be used to bridge geographical and cultural divides. Enter LovisaRead… Read more »

Survive and Thrive: Contact Your Creditors

I have listed five key ways to help you pay off your creditors. Who to Pay First The first step is to decide who to pay off first. Some top priorities to consider paying off would be: lenders, past due taxes, vendors, etc. Project Cash Flow The simplest method is to have a spreadsheet thatRead… Read more »

Nerdism Gone Wild

This morning I read one of Casey Coleman’s recent blogs called “Innovation Happens.” She poses the questions: Have you ever wondered how and when innovation happens? Can managers demand it? Can we put it in our project plans? Can we just re-prioritize it when we get too busy? Is innovation, much like creativity, neither intentionalRead… Read more »

Survive & Thrive: How to Get Quick Cash from Your Customers

In this recession, all businesses could you use more money in their accounts. Here are some tips for increasing your cash flow in a tight credit market. Bill Customers ASAP Require your customers/clients to make deposits; try to obtain your cash payments at the time of service. You can also include discounts if the customerRead… Read more »

Survive and Thrive: How to Solve any Cash Crisis

Surviving in a recession can be taxing. This blog is intended to help you thrive, even in this economic state. Make a list of financial problem areas in your business Nuff said.. Putting your problems on paper helps to de-clutter the information from your brain. This will make you a more efficient business owner. OrganizeRead… Read more »