2012 Digital Counties Winners Announced: Dutchess County, NY

The Center for Digital Government and the Digital Communities program has announced the winning counties in this year’s survey competition to identify leaders in the digital field. Four winners were named in various population categories. These four leading communities implemented new initiaties this year that created positive results and cost savings for, despite scarce funding.Read… Read more »

Local Governments Increase Transparency Through GIS Technology

In this increasingly interconnected world people are used to accessing information quickly and easily. In turn, governments across the world are working to deliver information in a way that is more accessible, transparent and interactive to engage citizens. One way many governments are sharing information and communicating with citizens is through interactive maps. In aRead… Read more »

GIS – Not Just for Programmers or Tech Savvy

Everyday there seems to be a new technology and new service that is being tested out. Many times, they involve geo-locational services as well, and running behind the scenes and helping to power the technology is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is not just for programmers or coders, there are dozens of applications of GISRead… Read more »

Using GIS During an Emergency

There are dozens of applications of GIS technology. Last month, I wrote about 10 ways GIS can influence governance. One of the more interesting ways, and quickly emerging, is using GIS during an emergency. I recently read a case study from the ESRI website, Larimer County GIS Builds Customer Web App to Empower Emergency Managers,Read… Read more »

Top 10 Benefits of GIS Technology

There is so much that you can do with a GIS technology, the most common example is making layers with data showing all sorts of different variables of a community to help inform decision makers and inform the public. For example, my hometown of Syracuse could really use (and publicize) housing information. A useful applicationRead… Read more »

Tracking Twisters: Citizen Stories Shared Using GIS Technology

As we welcome spring we also face the horror of a terrible tornado season. As you know, earlier this year, tornadoes swept through most of the southern states reeking havoc on many American lives. Nowadays, with the wide use of smartphones, people far from the disaster can follow how everything unfolded through eyewitness reporting. AtRead… Read more »

What may geolocational services mean for your organisation’s security?

The US Army has released a very interesting – and frightening – presentation looking at the risks of geolocational services on smartphones and some social media services in relation to national security. Essentially it raises (and addresses) the issues of what can happen when people share photos or content tagged with their physical location (whetherRead… Read more »

ESRI Federal User Conference Recap: Plenary Session

This morning I attended the Plenary Session of the ESRI Federal User Conference. The Plenary Session had a great presentation by ESRI President Jack Dangermond and Department of the Interior Deputy Secretary David J. Hayes. Jack’s presentation focused on providing an overview of ESRI and presented a vision of future implications for ESRI and GISRead… Read more »

Esri Federal GIS Conference: Connect and Explore!

Esri’s upcoming Federal GIS Conference is just a few weeks away! We’ve been talking about all of the wonderful sessions and resources that will be made available at the conference. At the Esri FedCon, attendees will have the opportunity to learn and grow, but also to connect with one another! What better way to doRead… Read more »

Esri Federal GIS Conference: How does ArcGIS Apply to Your Agency?

Esri’s upcoming Federal GIS Conference is sure to be an awesome couple of days. Attendees are going to learn a ton about incredible GIS technology and what it will do for the federal government. You may think that ArcGIS is really cool, but wonder how it applies to your agency and your job. Be sureRead… Read more »