Old Faithful Goes Digital: Google’s Partnership with The U.S. National Park Service

When the government shut down in October 2013, employees were furloughed, websites were sent offline, and delivery of important government services was interrupted. These were all difficult consequences for our nation. Yet, the one effect of the shutdown that seemed to foster the most frustration was an unexpected one: the closing of our national parks.Read… Read more »

It’s Finally Here: The Citizen Engagement Tool Congress Has Been Waiting For

Here on GovLoop we’ve written and shared stories of how GIS has transformed executive level agencies. Yet, GIS is being used in more than just executive agencies. The legislative branch has also caught on to the power of GIS. Tim Petty, Deputy Legislative Director for Senator James Risch (R – Idaho), shared several examples ofRead… Read more »

How GIS and Maps Improve Public Discourse

One of the technologies that is going to be shaping government drastically in the coming years is GIS. GIS holds the ability to extract knowledge from big data, leverage the cloud for efficiencies, improve communications with citizens and help drive improved decision making for organizations. We’ve written quite a bit about the power of GISRead… Read more »

The Power of Storytelling and Map Making

Recently I listened to the podcast: “American Futures” and the power of maps. The interview was part of the “American Futures” project, which is a joint endeavor of Esri and The Atlantic to describe America through journalism. The idea of the American Futures project was created by the Atlantic’s Jim Fallows. The podcast also includedRead… Read more »

LGS Inc. Launches The PermitLogix team has combined web management and mapping technologies to bring an easy to use service for all local government development permit and application requirements. We have truly created a product for the Gov. 2.0 era. In 2010, LGS Inc. successfully launched the Local Information Utility Cloud GIS for smallRead… Read more »

The Transformative Power of GIS – Your GIS Cheat Sheet

In today’s world, we are surrounded by data. Data powers everything we do– the decisions we make and the services we use. Now is the time to institute a data-driven culture and mapping data to strategic mission driven decisions, like Bob Dylan said, “You better start swimming or else you’ll sink like a stone.” TheRead… Read more »

Predictive Analytics: How to Prevent Crimes from Happening

Police departments across the U.S. are piloting crime prevention programs that rely on a smart analysis of historical crime data in neighborhoods across their cities. And they are finding that they can cut burglaries by as much as 27 percent! City police departments across the country are turning traditional police officers into “data detectives.” PoliceRead… Read more »

Giving a “Google Search” a Whole New Meaning

Typing “how-to” into Google’s search bar can give instant insights into “how to tie a tie,” “how to build a computer,” and “how to cook artichokes.” “Googling” provides easy solutions for those seemingly impossible everyday tasks However, a new partnership has taken the technology we use to tackle the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary. GoogleRead… Read more »