Building a More Efficient Government with GIS Technology

Many public organizations are using GIS technology to become more efficient and better manage their various facilities. One great case study is how the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) developed a smartphone app to report repair issues in real-time. LAUSD is the second largest public school district in the US and manages facilities thatRead… Read more »

Imagery Sharing- NOAA’s Land Cover Atlas

For several years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has used Esri’s ArcGIS technology to process, analyze, and fuse different types of geospatial imagery to integrate information and help conservation efforts. One great example of their effort is the Land Cover Atlas, which is produced every five years using data extracted from the CoastalRead… Read more »

GIS technology & Mapping for the Non-GIS Professionals

As much as we may try, we can’t all be GIS professionals or expert mappers. But that doesn’t mean GIS technology should be ignored by the non-GIS professionals. Maps can and should play an integral role in helping us do our job better. One of the most significant benefits of GIS technology is improved communicationRead… Read more »

GIS in the Cloud

From the private to the public sector, organizations are quickly making the transition to the cloud to streamline processes and reduce costs. The cloud is also becoming increasingly more important for GIS professionals. This is because cloud computing offers an alternative to traditional methods of consuming GIS services, allowing consumers to access GIS maps andRead… Read more »

How GIS Shaped the Public Sector in 2012

Throughout the month of December, GovLoop has been reviewing the year in government technology – everything from BYOD to social media, I’ve been working to highlight some case studies, best practices and try and condense the year down into one post, while looking forward to the year 2013. Follow along here by viewing GovLoop’s YearRead… Read more »

Survey Provides Insights to Future of GIS Technology for Government – Mobile, Cloud, Awareness

Over last few weeks, GovLoop has been rolling out a series of posts covering one of our latest resources, Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government. In this report, the GovLoop team identified leading case studies, best practices, and ran survey of GIS professionals. The hope of the report was to show how powerful GISRead… Read more »

Taking the Deep Dive – Exploring Our Oceans with GIS

An image from Esri’s Ocean Initiative – which allows scientist to explore the mysteries of the oceans Story Highlights Esri announces their Oceans Initiative, which uses GIS to help scientist learn about the oceans Be sure to view GovLoop’s GIS Report: Exploring the Promise of GIS for Government GovLoop launches interactive GIS infographic exploring howRead… Read more »

Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government: Crime Reduction

Post Highlights GovLoop releases new report: Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government GIS has enabled significant advances in crime reduction Highlights unique examples of GIS technology use for crime reduction The GovLoop report, Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government, focuses on best practices, case studies and identifies innovative uses of geographic information systemRead… Read more »

Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government: Health and Human Services

Post Highlights GovLoop releases new report: Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government GIS offers benefits to those looking to improve social services, public health, and urban renewal GIS helps better understand a problem’s context, make better informed decisions, and to collaborate across agencies in implementing solutions The GovLoop report, Identifying the Promise of GISRead… Read more »