Making Mobile Gov: Design Phase

With your help, we’ve discovered the case for Mobile Gov and discussed ten challenges to agencies trying to use mobile technologies to achieve their missions and better serve the American public. Our next step is to gather the smart minds of people in government, industry, nonprofits, academia and the general public to Design Mobile Gov.Read… Read more »

My Food-a-pedia from USDA

Stay healthy this summer with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s My Food-a-Pedia mobile website. The USDA developed this great tool to help people find information on the foods they’re eating. Using this tool, users are able to look up nutritional information on over 1,000 foods, and compare them to one another to make healthy decisions.Read… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Week – July 15, 2011

[CIO] Vivek Kundra’s Tips for Smarter Government “Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra delivered [these] during testimony before a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee [on Thursday]“ Tips on Improving Government Websites On Tuesday, the White House held a video Q & A about Improving Federal Websites. BUT, there are takeaways and ideasRead… Read more »

Tips on Improving Government Websites

On Tuesday, the White House held a Q & A about Improving Federal Websites. BUT, there are takeaways and ideas that local governments and state agencies can gain from this discussion (see below the video). According to the White House Blog: “For the first time, the federal government has published the list of all .govRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Intergovernmental Sharing

This last topic, intergovernmental sharing, is not about Kumbaya. It’s about leveraging what agencies are already doing, jump-starting efforts, and solving a problem once–instead of dozens of times. But there are authorities, budgets, and regulations that can make this smart move a challenge. Share your own experiences and Discuss Intergovernmental Sharing. What are you waitingRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Mobile Technical Expertise

Mobile isn’t just a mini-website. So begins the discussion on a challenge that all agencies have named, finding mobile technical expertise. Mobile devices are small. Their operating systems are new and frequently changing. Federal agencies need to tap pioneering technical experts to create usable and useful mobile solutions for the public. And, we need toRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Privacy & Identity Management

Day Seven of mobile challenges is about privacy and identity management. Mobile has been called an intimate technology. People carry their mobile devices with them at all times. Their phones have easy access to friends and family contacts, calendars, email, and social networks. The availability of location and personal data requires government to be extraRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Mobile Market

If an app is launched in an app store and nobody knows, does it make a sound? That’s one of the questions up for today’s discussion of the mobile market. While some question whether government should be building apps at all–that this is a function of the private sector–others are wondering where the government appsRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Legal & Compliance

We’re back with Challenge #4 after our fireworks filled weekend. Today’s mobile gov discussion is about compliance and legal issues. Mobile projects–like everything we do–need to comply with federal laws and regulations like terms of service, records management, accessibility, executive orders, COPPA, endorsement, intellectual property, etc. These rules are not new. What is new isRead… Read more »