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Civility and Respect in the Hybrid Workplace

Management looks a little different in a hybrid work environment, and it’s worth considering how your supervisory style might change when your co-workers aren’t physically in the office with you.

In the latest installment of “Management Minutes with Mika,” workforce transformation expert Mika Cross spoke with Ray Crawford, Jr. Ph.D., Chief Executive for Strategic Planning and Reporting, U.S. Department of Education, about how we can treat each other with civility and respect in a remote workplace.

Crawford said that it’s likely that most managers had not managed in a hybrid environment before the pandemic, and it takes some time to adjust to how interpersonal relationships and collaboration work when you can’t simply walk down the hall to chat with your employee.

He suggested carving out time to form new ways to team build and having happy hours to keep everyone feeling connected, positive and energetic.

When it comes to engaging and communicating respectfully while working online, Crawford said he subscribes to the “platinum rule.”

“Respect means different things to different people,” he said. “Find out what respect means to the other person and you’re on your way to creating an atmosphere and culture of civility.”

To get more tips on respect in a hybrid workplace, watch the video now.

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