12 Critical Questions on Risk Management

Risk Management Assessment
Are You Gambling With Your Contingency Plan?

Answer these questions to find out! Comment and share your answers below.

1) Is your company delaying important continuity plan updates due to scarce resources?

2) Are you spending too much time and energy assessing risks and aren’t sure how to distill the data into a sensible report?

3) If a mission-critical vendor or partner encountered a disaster, would that cause a crisis for your organization?*

4) Would your organization’s employees be taken care of following a disaster?

5) Have you revised your contingency plan to take into account the lessons learned from recent events?

6) Are you able to get senior management on board with business continuity/COOP?

7) Are all of your employees, including the disabled, accounted for in your contingency plan?

8) Is your plan at risk due to personnel or organizational changes?

9) Do you know how to leverage a disaster to your organization’s advantage?

10) Are you ready to take the leap to Enterprise Risk Management?

11) Can you identify the pre-incident indicators of an active shooter?

12) Are you assuming that your key vendors and partners will take corrective action in time of disaster,

or do you have a formalized understanding and agreement?

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*Question from article “10 Pitfalls in Creating a Successful Business Continuity Plan

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