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How To Find Us

Last week, the New York Times website was down again. This was the second time in two weeks, ostensibly for different reasons, but still, that kind of downtime is simply unacceptable. We’ve talked in the past about what they did the first time the site went down; the second response was very similar (though theRead… Read more »

The Ever-Expanding Disaster Warning

There’s been a trend in the last four years or so by emergency managers, especially at the federal level, to get more descriptive in their language surrounding impending disasters. We’ve seen language warning folks that they will die if they stay in the path of incoming weather. We’ve had Governor Chris Christie telling people toRead… Read more »

12 Critical Questions on Risk Management

Risk Management AssessmentAre You Gambling With Your Contingency Plan? Answer these questions to find out! Comment and share your answers below. 1) Is your company delaying important continuity plan updates due to scarce resources? 2) Are you spending too much time and energy assessing risks and aren’t sure how to distill the data into aRead… Read more »